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Comprehensive  Training 

of English Communication 

for Professionals


is a program of English communication for ambitious clients.

It will teach you with humor and ease to communicate fluently about topics important to you.

This language program will increase:  

  • Your confidence and prestige

  • The quality of your output

  • Your labor productivity

10 benefits FLUENCY brings you:

  • Swift progress

  • Breaking of the communication barrier

  • Effective solution to the problems of your professional life

  • Innovative system of language instruction

  • User-friendliness and comfort

  • Original, unique and tailored study materials

  • Practical approach to language

  • Global accessibility of service

  • Freedom of movement during instruction (you can drive, walk or make use of “downtime” in your daily schedule)

  • Effective use of your time during pandemic restrictions

Woman at Work

With FLUENCY you will be able to say fluently what is on your mind.

Key principles of the FLUENCY program


The interconnection of your professional duties, personal interests and favorite activities for the acceleration of the development of your language skills.


The integration of English into your everyday life so it becomes a natural and pleasant part. 


Uses  your strong points, personal qualities and talents for a faster and easier mastering of the foreign language.


The concept of teaching

I help my clients gain autonomy and independence from the teacher. I look beyond the end of language courses because I know that it takes time to become good at a foreign language. Knowing this, I try to equip my clients with a set of reflexes, habits and approaches that will make it possible for them to continue their learning and improve on their own. I guide them to autonomy and the ability to deal not only with language issues but also with the challenges of their personal and professional lives.

Who is FLUENCY for?

FLUENCY is an English language program designed for professionals who have decided to develop their communication skills.

FLUENCY will help you prepare for a demanding presentation, business trip, complicated business negotiation, teleconference, stay abroad or job interview. It will help you master social conversation, generally improve your communication skills, cope with the English language of your profession and fully integrate into the international community. 

FLUENCY is based on long-term professional experience, innovation and cooperation with clients of various nationalities and professions.

What problems do we help our clients solve?

  • Uncertainty in communication in a foreign language environment

  • Lack of self-confidence

  • Insufficient fluency and fragmented speech. 

  • Time pressure when completing work assignments

  • Unsatisfactory performance when dealing with work assignments in English

  • Low motivation to study language

  • Disparity  between current foreign language abilities and the need to express oneself on  specialist topics in the professional area

  • Inability to find the right words at the right time

  • Poor quality of written communication

  • Significant loss of working time while solving tasks in the English language

  • Limited experience in the use of available language resources and tools


Current Offer

From our wide portfolio of services we recommend


A sophisticated system for learning English conversation on specialist and general topics which will liven up, strengthen and develop your communication skills.

Become a master of English conversation!


Join the program from the comfort of your home, peace of your office, while driving your car or during a walk in the open air.

Mode of instruction:

Over the phone or online through a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Service packages

I provide the instruction through a cell phone, internet or face-to-face


329 €

Package of 7 training sessions

Duration: 7x45 min.

Unit price: 47 € / 45 min.

This service includes the creation of original, personalized study materials.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. In case of your dissatisfaction, we guarantee a refund.


630 €

Package of 14 training sessions

Duration: 14 x 45 min.

Unit price: 45 € / 45 min.

Saving compared with CHAT 7 is 28 €

This service includes the creation of original, personalized study materials.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. In case of your dissatisfaction, we guarantee a refund.


903 €

Package of 21 training sessions

Duration: 21 x 45 min.

Unit price: 44 € / 45 min.

Saving compared with CHAT 7 is 84 €

This service includes the creation of original, personalized study materials.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. In case of your dissatisfaction, we guarantee a refund.


Martin Pokluda, PhD.

author of the project

Teacher, trainer and language coach.

  • As a teacher, I provide you with insight and theoretical background for your dynamic mastering of the language.

  • As a trainer, I train your language skills.

  • As a language coach, I help you translate your professional life into English.

  • I hold a master’s degree in English and Spanish and a doctor’s degree in English language pedagogy.


  • I have a theoretical background in linguistics, language teaching, cognitive psychology, and the psychology of memory.


  • I focused on practical research of methods speeding up and increasing the efficiency of language study.


  • My career as a language teacher covers a period of 30 years. I focus on the areas of entrepreneurship, management, marketing, banking, finance, and insurance. I cater to an international clientele from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spanish-speaking, and French-speaking countries.


  • A long- experience as a translator and interpreter made me well-versed in the unique languages of various professions.


  • I worked as a university teacher and prepared and carried out dozens of various language projects on my own and in cooperation with foreign lecturers.

  • I speak English, Spanish, Czech and Slovak.

How do clients assess my services?


"For the first time on my long journey as an English learner I came across an opportunity to learn without the need to use another textbook from a seemingly endless line of them , and to do so without torturing myself with exercises, but just through speaking and listening."

IngRenáta Porvazníková, court expert 

Thank you heartily.

Martin Pokluda, PhD.

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